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Deck Additions or Renovation

Expand your Outdoor Living Space

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Add Living Space to your Home or Cottage

With beautiful summers here in Saskatchewan, we need to take advantage. Building a deck on your home or cottage provides more living space for your family and friends.

Enjoy a stunning Saskatchewan sunset. Cook and enjoy a meal on your deck or just spend quality time with family and friends and your pets.

Built right from the start.

Decks are structural additions to your home or cottage. They need to be built to building code and need to be able to support all the weight of people, furniture, and even the snowfall we receive each year.

When adding a deck to your home or cottage. It is important to make sure that your deck size and style complement the aesthetic of your home.
Consider the proportion of the deck to your home and to your backyard. Many homeowners make the mistake of building a deck that is too large for their home and/or yard.
If you live in a home with a main level of 1,000 square feet. The deck shouldn’t exceed 500 square feet.
If your yard area is only 500 square feet. then the deck should be no larger than 250 square feet.
Unbalanced proportions between your home and deck can look awkward. This can decrease the value of your home.

Other Deck Things to Consider

Decking Material

Now more than ever, there are several decking material options available.

Each material ranges in pricing, quality, and longevity. The most common deck materials include:

Pressure Treated Wood

This is the most common and cheapest decking material available. Pressure-treated wood is often made up of Southern yellow pine. Then treated with chemicals to help prevent rot and termites. Most pressure-treated wood splinters and has a life of about 15 years.

Tropical Hardwoods

Unlike pressure-treated wood, tropical hardwoods are very dense and durable. On average tropical hardwood decks last 25 years on average. Because the wood is so dense and durable is can be difficult to hammer a nail into it. Installers generally have to pre-drill holes to be able to secure the planks together. Tropical hardwoods come in a variety of rich colors. They also naturally resist insects and decay.

Redwood and Cedar

Like tropical hardwoods, redwood and cedar have natural defenses against rot and insects. Unlike tropical hardwoods, the wood is soft and is easily damaged. As well it will show wear faster. Redwood and cedar last around 20 years. The boards are lightweight, yet stiff.

Composite Decking Material

Composite decking is a blend of plastic and waste wood fibers. It can have the texture of real wood, but it doesn’t splinter. Composite planks are heavier than most woods and are also more expensive.

Composite decking can be affected by temperature because they are not as stiff as real wood. When installing composite wood it is important to use the provided fasteners. This is to prevent bumps and disturbances in the composite.

Engineered Decking Material

Engineered composite decking has grooves on the underside or side. This allows it to be lighter without compromising thickness The grooves allow you to hide fasteners and screws giving a seamless look to the surface of your deck.

Composite and engineered decking is low maintenance. It is weather, insect, and rot-resistant. Making it last for 25 to 30 years longer than pressure-treated wood.

How will you use your deck?

Consider Size, Style, and Function

Plan out how you will use the new deck space. Not just immediate use but long-term use.

  • Plan to entertain? You may need an area for dining, as well as an area for cooking.
  • Access to the deck. If your home doesn’t have adequate access or any access to the future or existing deck. You may want to add french doors, sliding doors, or a larger door.
  • Is your home close to the neighbours? If you are wanting an elevated deck, the current fence around your home may not provide the privacy you want.
  • Would you like a hot tub on your deck? When filled with water and people, a hot tub adds considerable weight to a deck. If you are in your forever home, you might want to plan for a future hot tub. Preparing for it now will prevent the deck from needing reinforcement for the extra weight.
  • Don’t forget to consider lighting. Solar lights are a great way to add evening lighting to your deck for a low cost. But if you would like some electrical lighting or electrical plugs for music, TV and other items. Easier to plan for that now.
  • Storage. If you are planning to relax on your deck, you may want to consider built-in seating or benches.ANd consider storage options for the deck furniture, cushions, and more.
  • Gas-powered BBQ’s heaters and more. You can say goodbye to propane tanks by connecting the BBQ to the natural gas of your home. As well as adding heaters.
  • Backyard use. If you don’t have kids yet, you may want to consider future play areas in the yard for future kids or pets. A large deck may cause issues with the yard layout of the future.
  • Backyard pool? You may want a backyard pool someday. Above ground or in-ground. Will there be room for this when the deck is done?
  • Are you an avid gardener? You can have built-in planters included in your deck.
  • Traffic flow. Think about the traffic from the doors of your house to the steps to the yard. 



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